Rollaway Beds: Best Sleep Using Less Space

Today’s world is tough on people; the economy has put people in the position of being worse for the wear. There are a few lucky college graduates who actually get the chance to live in their own apartment versus moving back in with mom and dad. After the freedom of college it is difficult to go back to the parent’s house where it’s their rules again! So a few college graduates luckily get a job where they can actually pay all their own bills including rent. Of course it can be difficult, when the graduate’s new loft is the size of the bathroom at mom and dad’s house! The challenge is to find furniture that can fit in a graduates budget as well as apartment.

Sleep is extremely important and it can help the graduate function better at their job. A new employee needs the best sleep possible to chase that promotion that comes with all the perks. It may be a surprise to the graduate that there are more options in the form of a bed that fits their budget and space than they think. A graduate has options.

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The Types Of Cheap Beds

regular-futonThe first option is a little obvious and comes in the way of a futon. Futons are great because they can lie out in a bed and then fold up into a couch. They solve the problem of space by performing two functions with just a little bit of change. They are also very cost effective and can fit into a small budget. However, not everything about futons is all roses; this graduate is trying to chase the dream of a more comfortable lifestyle. A good night’s sleep is imperative for carrying out the job duties to the best of their ability and futons are not comfortable to sleep on or sit on. Of course once you make them a couch you can decorate them with all kinds of things (check out our home and garden page!)

Another option is an air mattress. Air mattresses can be blown up at night and then deflated in the morning. They are the cheapest of the options but cheap isn’t always good. Air mattresses have a bad habit of springing a leak after a few uses. It is also a pain to air them up at night and then let the air out in the morning. It could be said that they are more comfortable than a futon but not by much.

Bunk beds are an alternative to the first two options. There is an option of getting one with a desk underneath or just blank space. They even have a suggestive name of loft beds. Yet, bunk beds are not all that they are cracked up to be. First off, the graduate is trying to be an adult and bunk beds suggest an age of twelve. The sturdier models can be quite expensive and outside of a small budget. Then there is the size issue, because the common size is a twin, which makes it easy for an adult to roll over and out of bed. Bunk beds are cramped for full size adults.

great-wall-bedThe next two are similar and deserve one paragraph: hideaway bed and wall beds. Hideaway beds can fold up into an ottoman or desk or most commonly a sofa and then unfold into a bed when needed. They generally have more space than a bunk bed and are more comfortable than a futon. They have their own set of problems though. It can be an agony day in and day out to fold it up and then turn around and fold it out. They are not usually simple and can be time consuming in a busy world. Wall beds can be great because they just fold straight up into the wall. Unless your apartment already has one installed, then they are not all that great. They are not simple to install and can be a lot of work and time. The parts needed to make a wall bed quickly add up. So while it appears cost effective and easy to use plan, it is only those things if you apartment comes with one.

The Best Option Is A Rollaway Bed

The last option is comfortable, cost effective, space effective, simple to use, and awesome for a small apartment. It would be a full size roll away bed. They have a real mattress that is comfortable to sleep on night after night. You can even find roll away beds with memory foam mattresses! Rollaway beds have springs that make them more comfy and easier to relax on. They are just like sleeping on a real bed because they are a real bed. A full size roll away bed can easily accommodate an adult. Full size gives more room to sprawl out and sleep. They are not a major drain on a budget because they cost about the same as a futon. So they are not the cheapest option but the best buy for the buck. At the end of the night, rollaway beds simply fold in half without much work or effort. They are really easy to use. Roll away beds answer to the space issue is to simply just roll away on their wheels. They can be shoved against a wall or corner. Then the space can be used for other pursuits like yoga or playing Wii Fit.

There are plenty of sleeping options on the market for people who live in small apartments including air mattress, futons, and sleeping on the floor and they are all cost effective. There are real bed option such as bunk beds and wall beds that are comfortable but a bit  more expensive. Roll away beds simply fold in half and wheel out of the way. They are cheap and easy to sleep on for a long time because they are a bed. Roll away beds are not just for company but make a great place to sleep in a challenged size apartment. Roll away beds are the best choice for great sleep, small space, price, and simplicity.


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