Top 5 Best Golf Balls For Distance, Putting And Reducing Spin in 2018

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports around. People all over the world play the game, and the rules are always the same.

It seems like a subtle game, something not to hard to do. Hit a ball around a park and get it in the hole in as few swings as possible. Simple right? But we golfers know better! We know why it is called “Golf”. Because all the other four letter words were taken!

One thing about the sport is this: you need a lot of balls to play it. In fact, when you think about it golf balls are a lot like eggs. The are sold by the dozen, they are round and white, and a week later you have to go buy more.

If you are looking for a golf ball that will increase your distance, reduce your slice or improve your overall game, then look no further. This list of the top 5 best golf balls has all your needs covered, and gets started with the reviews right after this handy table!

Golf Ball MakeAverage Consumer RatingPrice
TaylorMade Penta TP5X
4.5 Stars$$$
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Titleist Pro V1x
4.5 Stars$$$
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TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft
4.5 Stars$$
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Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6
4.5 Stars$
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Callaway Hex Chrome
4 Stars$$$$
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A Review Of The TaylorMade Penta TP5X Golf Ball

taylormade-penta-tp5Finding a good set of golf balls has always been tricky for me. I am a power hitter, so I’m always looking for balls that have the furthest possible range.

So, I decided to try TaylorMade Penta TP5X golf balls after I read that it possessed “progressive velocity” technology. That sounds like the kind of thing that I could get behind, so I picked up this pack of 12 balls to see if it lived up to the hype.

After trying them out, I’m not exactly disappointed.

However, I’m not exactly blown over either.

I took these 12 out to the driving range one day and tried them out. Generally, I got an extra 30 yards or so on each shot. An extra 30 yards is definitely a pretty solid improvement, but I guess I was hoping for a bit more out of the ball.

It says it has “28% lower core compression” which is supposed to create less spin and further distance on each shot.

There was definitely a lot less spin on the ball. I have a tendency to slice every other shot, but I was slicing one out of every five shots with the TaylorMade Penta TP5X balls.

After noticing this change, I tried out some of my older balls and I went back to slicing every other shot.

All in all, I was pretty happy with these balls. There was definitely a noticeable improvement in my shot when compared to my older balls.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the $40+ price tag. That’s over three dollars a ball! However, I was happy enough with the results to consider buying more in the future. I do have a good friend of mine that still swears by his TaylorMade Penta balls, and I was pretty much convinced as well.

If you are looking for a ball that will increase the range you hit, then check out the TaylorMade Penta TP5X at Amazon and you won’t be disappointed.

My Evaluation Of The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

titleist-pro-v1x-12-packThe V1X is one of those golf balls that gets a lot of action on the pro tour.  Naturally as an amateur golfer I was curious to try them out!

Titelist claims this ball is designed for low spin, straight distance, longstanding durability, green control, and an extremely consistent flight pattern. Pretty much everything lol!

The other day I cracked open a pack myself to give them a whirl and see if the claims hold up.

Well if my scorecard from those 18 holes is any indication on performance I would give these balls a 5 out of 5!

I dropped a few strokes from my average and was pleasantly surprised how well the V1X performed on both drives and soft touch around the greens.  Usually I find myself using 1 ball on my long shots and another on the greens.

With the V1X I don’t have to worry about that.  It also gives me a bit less psychological suffering having to worry or second guess if I am using the right ball for the right shot.

Without trying to over-analyze the V1X I would just say this is an all-around great ball.

A significant number of pros use them which basically speaks for itself.

The only downside (if any) is they are fairly expensive.  For this reason alone I will downgrade my rating to a 4.5 out of 5 even though we only show the greatest products here on this site. If cost is a big issue for you I would recommend buying their second runs and you will drastically reduce you price.

If money meant nothing to me I would switch to these 100%!  It is a fantastic golf ball.  If you have tried the older version you will notice the 2018 is a little bit softer.  Hands down best ball out there for overall feel and a great ball for chipping and putting.

As usual, I ordered these from Amazon. It’s cheaper than I get here in town (smaller place) and the shipping is always fast. You can read the great reviews these balls get from other customers too!

Review: TaylorMade Noodle+ 2012 Golf Balls

taylormade-noodle-2012Time to try THE NOODLE! TaylorMade markets these as Long and Soft (LIKE A NOODLE).

I went online as usual to Amazon and ordered up a 15 pack.

Day they arrived I hit the links.

These Noodles are fairly inexpensive, and I have been dying to see how they hold up!  After spending half of my last weekend trying to dig my $5 per ball V1s out of water traps, I figured it was time for the Noodle.

My shoulder was bothering me today and I wasn’t quite swinging full speed.

Surprisingly, I found that even with a slower swing speed I was still getting great distance.  Must be something to do with the low compression.

For just over $1 a ball I was pretty surprised.

My golfing partners today were talking a lot of trash about the Noodle, which I think is just their concept of a perceived lower quality due to the low price.  At the end of the day, The Noodle is a great distance ball that held up with nice feel around the greens.

Nice distance, nice touch, and if you are the type who loses a couple of balls an outing why not switch to the lower cost Noodles?

I have hesitated for a long time to try the Noodle just due to snotty comments I have heard from others, but I am extremely glad I gave these balls a chance.  At the end of 18 I played the same average round I have with the pricier balls (And with a hurt shoulder).

A great ball to keep around, and if you are a price snob just keep a couple around to let your friends use or younger relatives that you are worried might lose them.  Overall if price is no consideration I give them a 4.2 out of 5.  Factoring in price I would give them a 5 of 5. That is why they make the list of the Top 5 Best Golf Balls.

Check out the low price here at Amazon!

Product Review: Bridgestone Golf 2013 e6 Golf Balls

bridgestone-golf-2013-e6-reviewThe Bridgestone Brand speaks for itself, so I was excited to try out the new e6 Golf Balls.

The company claims they improved the cover to give the ball optimal aerodynamics.  The previous version of this ball was set out to be the softest multi-layer golf ball out there, and the purpose of this ball was to make it even softer than before.

Personally, I like these balls.  I would give them a 4.5 out of 5!

I feel like on my drives I am getting better distance and not getting any unwanted backspin (This is a problem I have encountered with soft balls in the past).

If you like a soft feel but don’t want a lot of spin on your drives this is the ball for you!

I’ve been known to hack a pretty harsh slice on my drives from time to time. Using the e6 helps me minimize that slice and get a long, true, and straight drive right up the fairway!

I play a lot of golf out in northern British Columbia where the rain and wind can add an additional challenge to your game.  The e6 is fantastic for cutting through the wind.  Whatever technology they put into it to create the low spin effect seems to also help me drive better in the wind.

You can get these in White, Optic Yellow and Optic Orange.  I am a traditionalist so I stick to White, although the orange was amazingly easy to see on the fair way.

Quick Summary: 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

  • Great distance ball that minimizes your hook or slice.
  • Great value ball.
  • Great ball for playing in windy conditions.

There may be a couple of better balls out there that cost significantly more that also made it to this list, but for the money I would consider switching to this ball permanently!

Lots of avid golfers feel the exact same way, go here to read what they have to say about this ball!

Evaluating The Callaway Hex Chrome Golf Ball

callaway-hex-chrome-golf-ballFor both performance and price the Callaway Hex Chrome golf ball is an excellent choice.

As an amateur golfer, I have not found a better performing golf ball.

The Callaway Hex Chrome enhances my game in a number of ways.  I get low spin off the tee and my drives hold their line, even on windy days.  I have found that I can get as much as ten additional yards on my average drive with better accuracy.

The ball has a softer feel and almost no click off the club due to the softer cover but I have grown fond of this as I have watched my scores decrease.

Around the greens is where this ball really shines.  The greater spin that I am getting with my short game has given me more control putting my shots closer to the pin with the Callaway Hex Chrome than I had with any previous ball I used.

It also putts like a dream.  While my friends tell me there will be better balls coming into production, it will take a lot to get me to play with something other than the Callaway Hex Chrome.

The Callaway Hex Chrome is also very economical.

A box of twelve balls retails for about 25 bucks but I often find them for a few dollars less.

For a ball with such a soft feel it is very durable.  I have played several rounds with the same ball remaining in pristine condition.  For both my overall golf game and my pocket book I am sold on the Callaway Hex Chrome golf ball.

You can check out this great ball right here and get the best price!

That does it for our list of the top 5 best golf balls. Go here for more sports related lists, and since you read this far, please share this page using one (or all 🙂 ) of the popular sites below!

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