Top 5 Best Full Size Rollaway Beds For Sale in 2018

Everyone sleeps. And just as obvious, the vast majority of the world’s population sleeps on a bed!

When your in-laws visit I know you secretly want them to stay at a hotel instead of invading your home, but alas it is inevitable that they want to stay with you.

You’re not allowed to set them up on the couch or floor.

Fortunately there are plenty of options from futons, air mattresses and of course – a full size rollaway bed.

What makes this folding bed on wheels so great?

Well, generally the mattresses are more comfy and longer lasting than air bags or futons, and you can fold the thing up and stuff it in a closet or storage space when not in use.

That basically says it all. They almost all come with a mattress so you don’t have to purchase one separately, sometimes even a memory foam mattress! Also, they come in different sizes… you can get queen size, twin and full size.

So, now that you know you want one of these for whatever reason, it’s time to take a closer look at what I consider the Top 5 Best Full Size Rollaway Beds For Sale.

Because I don’t actually own all of these, or tried them all, I got some help from the consumers who have (and they happen to be friends and acquaintances of mine).

Lets start with a quick comparison table in case you’re in a hurry!

Rollaway Bed ModelAverage Consumer RatingPrice
Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed
5.0 Stars$$$$
Top Rated Model, Best Price!
Linon Home Decor Luxor
3.5 Stars$$
Very Low Price!
39" Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed
5.0 Stars$$$$$
Click For Best Price!
Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed
4.0 Stars$$$
Check It Out Now!
Zinus Weekender Elite
4.5 Stars$$
Very Affordable!

The Top Selling Milliard Super Strong Folding Portable Bed With Wheels

This is one of the best twin folding beds available for general use.

It generates a ton of positive consumer reviews (like all of the items in this category) due to its sturdy and comfortable design.

Let’s see what my friend thinks!

As a travel and camping enthusiast, I was always bent on getting a lasting solution to my temporary sleeping needs and then a colleague of mine recommended the Milliard Diplomat Twin Portable bed to me.

This twin size portable bed comfortably handles virtually all my sleeping needs. Whenever I have a visitor or  when I’m traveling or camping, this maneuverable yet super strong bed has become an ideal solution for me and I have no problems recommending it to you for good reason.

In the morning, I fold it in seconds and I am quite sure that you will be amazed by its high quality comfort and Italian craftsmanship.

This full size rollaway bed comes with a super strong frame that is specially designed to accommodate large individuals with a maximum weight of up to 264 lbs.

For purposes of added durability and strength, its frame is made using a square tubing. One thing that has enabled me to move around with this bed is that it has 4 wheels that are designed to enhance mobility. This product comes in a small bag with the following accessories:

  • Assembly wrench
  • Hinge bolts
  • Black plastic caster wheels
  • Hinge bolt nuts
  • Silver colored stabilizer bars
  • Black plastic lock bars that are designed to keep the bed closed once it is folded.

Here are some of the pros of the Milliard Diplomat Super Strong Portable Folding Bed that will help motivate you to consider purchasing it:

  • Luxurious yet affordable
  • Provides superior comfort
  • Portable and easier to store
  • Capable of accommodating persons of all weights

I noticed that this portable bed has some few flaws such as:

  • Occupies a relatively larger storage space and hence not ideal for people with limited space

Generally, this product is a great value for your money.

Consumers on various sites rate this model pretty highly. They mention things like:

  • It doesn’t sag. A lot of competing beds have a sagging issue after some use, or sometimes out of the box! Not this one!
  • It comes with diagrams for easier set-up.
  • It’s the perfect size. Great for adults or children!

You can read a lot more positive reviews on Amazon (click the next link to see them), and don’t worry about shipping fees because if you purchase it from them right here, you get FREE shipping as well!

The Most Affordable Twin Size Rollaway Folding Bed: Linon Luxor with a Memory Foam Mattress

Save some space in your room or simply give your home an extra bed with the most flexible, portable and highly comfortable rolling bed with the Linon Luxor Folding Bed with Memory Foam.

This uniquely designed bed will ensure that you get maximum restful nights sleep. When you’re done you can simply fold it and store it away in your closet to create more room.

This highly styled functional furnishing is a must have in your home as its excellent quality is unsurpassed and you will simply relish sleeping on the memory foam mattress.

It can serve as a great rollaway cot in your dorm room, guest bedroom, kids’ bedroom for great sleepover parties, and is a great piece of furniture when living in a studio apartment.

The Linon Luxor Folding Bed with Memory Foam comes with the lowest prices in the market and this great rollaway bed is completely featured with:

  • A durable steel frame which has a black finish. It holds the bed in flat position once you open the bed up for sleeping and is very easy to fold it back due to the strong support of the steel frame.
  • Very soft memory foam mattress whose durability does not diminish due to the frequent positioning of folding the bed. You can be sure to experience plenty of great night for years.
  • The mattress cover adds an exquisite touch to the memory mattress foam as the beige color and very soft texture on the surface makes it affable and really easy to lie on even without any bedding.
  • Entails hard wood slats that help support the position of the mattress and is strong enough to hold your body evenly throughout the whole night.
  • The best feature of this bed are the caster wheels which will enable you easily move the physical positioning of your bed while setting it up each night or storing it in the morning.

Out of all of the best full size rollaway beds for sale, this one is definitely the cheapest option.

Even better, it is also really comfortable! You can’t go wrong with it.

Other consumers have said:

  • Simply good. Any real issues have a root cause, and it’s usually not the bed!
  • For the price, it just can’t be beat.

For more pictures, answers to your questions, more reviews and to get free shipping, click here and buy from Amazon!

Hospitality Rollaway Portable Bed With Premium Mattress

This full size rollaway bed is simply amazing.

Now, I have to say it is the most expensive of the line up here, but that is because of the durability and comfort this bed provides. If you aren’t afraid of spending a fair amount more for the provided benefit of superior construction and materials, then this model is definitely for you!

My large friend has this to say:

You know, one of the things I love most about my brand new 39” Hospitality portable bed is that I can place it almost anywhere.

After I have finished using the bed I can just get up and fold it into a corner or something. With this folding potential and easy storage ability it helps me out a lot, because this way no one can see if I made up my bed in the mornings… Which I don’t 🙂

I never really understood the purpose of making up your bed every morning when you are just going mess it up again when you sleep at night.

Anyway I found this bed to be perfect for me. At 39” inch wide it is a twin size and I was able to sleep in comfort and security, able to roll over on my back and belly not having to worry about falling off the which has happened to me before with other beds.

The mattress support is very sturdy and it supports me and my girlfriend quite well (even though its a bit cramped with two of us).

You must be saying that is no big deal but I am currently at 260 pounds with my girlfriend not far behind at 210 pounds. So I am glad its built so sturdy and strong.

Sometimes when we are both on a bed I used to worry about the bed collapsing with us ( it has happen before, how embarrassing). However since I bought this bed I don’t have to worry about this concern any more.

It was delivered in record time (with free shipping from Amazon) and the guys brought it right up to my front door. They even helped me to put in my bedroom.

Setting it up was a breeze (and I am chimpanzee smart when it comes on to assembling manuals), but this time it turned out alright.

Even my girlfriend was shocked to see I assembled it so fast.

The 39″ Wide Hospitality Roll-able Bed w/ 6″ Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress is perfect for people like me. People who believe beds are for sleeping and not for spreading out!

This model is definitely not a roll a way cot type bed like some people expect when you say “rollaway”. This is a 100% real bed.

Other people who bought this bed have plenty good things to say. For example:

  • Very comfortable, and the big wheels make it very easy to move around. Truly rollaway!
  • This was a great investment. I can’t think of anything bad to say!
  • Made in the USA, and built to last!

If you don’t want to take our word for it, read these reviews at Amazon and see exactly why it made my selection!

Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress: And I Mean LIGHTWEIGHT!

This is a really light bed. I mean…light.

When all is said and done, and packed up including the mattress, this rollaway bed doesn’t even hit 20 pounds. That is light.

Here is the review my pal gave:

We happen live in another state than the rest of our family members (lucky guy lol). So, whenever we have a family reunion or get together and our loved ones decide to sleep over, providing them with temporary sleeping accommodations had been quite a problem.

However, that was until I decided to purchase a portable bed and ended up bringing home the Milliard Lightweight 31 by 74-Inch Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress.

I must mention that I am a fairly large individual since I am an avid weight lifter, and I have rested upon this folding cot/bed.

Not only did this model accommodate a man of my size quite well, but its frame felt and seemed to be super strong.

Ever since I bought this bed, several overnight guests have slept on it. A few of my guests even asked me the name and brand so they too could buy one, while others would not even believe that they had slept on a portable bed!

I know this cot is lightweight and portable since not only me, but also my wife, who is quite a petite woman, has maneuvered and set up this product on her own.

The reason this thing is particularly so easy to maneuver is the four wheels, one under each foot, which make it quite mobile.

When we do not have any overnight guests over, we also find it quite easy to store it since we just fold it up and stash it in the laundry room.

Before I conclude this brief review, I must add that the 31″ x 74″ of the bed that has been stated by the manufacturer also includes the frame, rather than just the bed.

Several other reviewers have noticed this, so I felt that it is worth mentioning.

Another thing that the manufacturer has already stated, but is still worth mentioning, is the fact that like me, you may end up receiving a mattress in a different color, but that’s not much of an issue.

Oh, and when I said that I went shopping for a  full size rollaway bed, what I meant was that I had been browsing online, and ended up ordering the Milliard Lightweight 31 by 74-Inch Folding Twin Size Cot/Bed with Mattress from Amazon.

You can do the same. It is convenient, but above all, you will not be disappointed by buying this rollaway bed if you have frequent overnight guests over.

Some of the people who own this model have have left reviews. They say things like:

  • If you want a cheap, lightweight bed, then you can’t wrong choosing this one.
  • Beats the pants off of air mattresses!
  • Takes up hardly any space when in storage.

To see the great price my friend got on this super light bed, head over to Amazon and check it out. Don’t forget to read the reviews!

Night Therapy Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed With Storage Bag

My photographer friend here bought a folding bed…not on wheels. So while it doesn’t really count as one of the top 5 best full size rollaway beds for sale, it is still a great portable bed. So I included it anyway (my apologies):

I am a freelance photographer so I travel quite a bit and I often crash at a friends place if I have one in the area instead of checking into a hotel. It saves me a few bucks, but sometimes at a price.

I have to sacrifice comfort to save those few dollars as most of my friends do not have guest accommodations so I often sleep on the couch.

The few that do, own air mattresses or just a regular old mattress that they toss on the floor. While those options are a bit better than the couch, they are not ideal for a good nights sleep.

A few months ago I spent a few nights at a friend’s house who had a Night Therapy Deluxe Folding Guest Bed. Those were the best nights I have ever spent away from home!

I was impressed by this twin size portable bed. I have slept on quite a few over the years and none had impressed me as this one did.

It was almost as good as my bed back home. To say the truth, I was tempted to stay longer as nights were very comfortable.

The bed was not only comfy, it was also easy to set up and fold up for storage.

It was compact and light so putting it back into my friends moderately sized closet was a breeze.

I was so impressed I bought one for my house when I got home! I thought it a bargain as it was reasonably priced without compromise to the quality.

I have had the bed for close to two months now and the few friends I have had over during this time absolutely loved it.

I am thinking of buying a few more and giving them to friends (like Jim) who have had to put up with me when am traveling so if I visit again, I will sleep like a baby.

I am very pleased with this product and I’m sure you would be too.

To learn more about this alternative to regular rolling beds, visit Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping and great price!

I hope you enjoyed reading my friends reviews of the top 5 best rollaway beds for sale. If you could take a minute and share this page using the icons below, that would be great! Remember, sharing is caring! Also, please stick around a while and read some more reviews and articles from the home page!

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