Top 5 Best Electric Motorcycles For Kids – Riding Toys For Toddlers To Teens

If you are in the market for an electric motorcycle for kids, then you’ve probably discovered there are a lot more options than you thought. From toddlers to teens there are battery powered ride on toys for all ages and tastes. While you can get ATV’s, dune buggies, cars and other 4 wheeled fun, I personally love the kids electric motorcycle the best.

My absolute favorite is the Razor MX650. I reviewed the MX500 below as a midpoint, however the entire series is essentially identical except for the size of the bike and the power. I personally own the MX650, and yes it is really for me, not my kids. If you are considering buying for a teen or even a 10-12 year old, then I suggest you simply pick one of those. Razor just makes the best electric motorcycle for kids. On this list you’ll find a few entries by this company because they just do such a good job.

The reviews below aren’t sorted in any particular order, after the Razor series I just tried to keep it relative to the age of the child. Like all products reviews on my site, I narrowed down the massive list of battery powered ride on motorbikes and then chose the best for that age group ending with just five. I also took price into account, so you get the best bang-for-the-buck! You could invest five hundred dollars into some other battery operated vehicles, and come out frustrated. Not so with these ones! Each of these will suit your purpose perfectly and you – and your kids! – will be thrilled with your purchase. Here is a table of contents since this page is so long:

Just remember one thing: Safety must come first! While all of these are supposedly “outdoor toys”, they are still powered vehicles. Accidents CAN happen. So please, please ensure you have the appropriate safety equipment like helmets, knee and elbow pads. Nobody wants their beloved children hurt! Now lets get on with reviewing the Top 5 Best Electric Motorcycle For Kids!

Razor MX Series – The Razor Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

Razor is one of the best known companies for making battery powered dirt bikes, scooters, and dune buggies. The MX Series is very well designed, having a model that perfectly suits all age ranges from as young as 10 or 11 all the way to the late teens with the fantastic MX650. Here is a really quick overview of what you can expect from some of the models:


  • Gets to about 12 miles an hour
  • 350 watt motor using two 12V batteries (24V total)
  • Up to 30 minutes of straight riding!
  • Recommended for 12 and up (but I’ve seen good 10 year olds ride it)
  • A decent weight limit of 140 pounds!
  • Costs under $300


  • This one (reviewed below) achieves 15-17 miles per hour!
  • A pumped up 500 watt motor
  • Supposed to be for 14 and up, but again an 11 or 12 year old can handle it
  • Can handle people reaching 175 pounds
  • Costs under $500


  • Easily reaches 17 miles an hour (I can hit 20)
  • The MX650 has a…you guessed it!… 650 watt motor
  • For older teens, around 16 and up to adult
  • Easily handles 220 pound drivers
  • Costs just over $500
  • I own this one and so should you 🙂

Let me just tell you I absolutely love the one I own. The biggest downside is sometimes I want to ride more than an hour! But for weight of the bike, speed, ease of use and all the other positives, it just can’t be beat.

Here is a review from a recent purchaser of the MX500:

razor-electric-dirt-bike-for-kidsThe MX500 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike is the latest present that I bought for my grandchild as a gift after he performed well in school. The Razor electric dirt bike – MX500 – is suitable for children around the age of 14 and weighing no more than 175 pounds. It is powered by an electric motor which makes riding for the children very easy. It is able to reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour with the 500 watt motor. My grandchild enjoys riding at high speeds and most of the time he is riding at around the maximum speed.

The motorbike has a good suspension system which makes my grandson enjoy comfortable rides in the yard or the park. I enjoy watching as he makes endless trips round the house. The tires are strong with good treads which make him even pass over the rough patches with great comfort. While he is not riding, the retractable ride stand plays a great role as he can just support the bike outside while he has a  drink of water before he returns to ride the vehicle. I consider it a great decision that I made considering the dirt bike is encouraging him to get exercise by running outside rather than staying indoors with computer games.

I particularly enjoy it when I buy a gift for my grandchild and he ends up making use of it. After I bought it, it has made me feel satisfied because every time the boy is free, he is on the bike. This has made me feel I made good use of my money. The bike is also durable which makes it very appropriate for the child, especially at the age of 14.

There are a few more pros and cons related to Razor electric dirt bikes for kids. Most can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. This is a lot of distance for a teen to enjoy his day. Although it keeps the charge, it takes a lot of time to be fully charged. It can take up to 8 hours. That is about the only negative!

As you can clearly see, this grandparent is pretty happy with the purchase of the MX500 for his grandson. If you are looking for a great gift for a pre-teen or teen, then I without a doubt recommend this product. You can find more excellent and in-depth reviews and ratings as well as videos and pictures here at Amazon where they have Razor electric dirt bikes for sale at fantastic prices! Don’t forget the helmet and pads!

The Electric Pocket Bike – A Razor Electric Motorcycle In Miniature

Razor-electric-pocket-bikeI know what you’re thinking. Electric pocket bikes? Yes!

I previously owned a gas powered one, but was pretty disappointed by the quality. My carberator had plastic flakes in it, and so the thing barely ran. When it did actually run, the speed was a little too high to be safe in my opinion.

On the other hand, these little battery powered ride on toys are much safer, and still can reach surprising speeds of 15 mph! A lot of people seem to feel these are safe for as young as 5 or 6 year olds, but to be perfectly honest with you – and I always try to be – I’d think a safer age to start was around 8 or 9. Let’s face it, 15 miles per hour is pretty fast for a little kid!

I know some of you will be happy to know this model can accommodate riders of up to 170 pounds, and lots of consumers point out this Razor electric motorcycle will handle even 220 pounds! It might be tiny, but if you can get on it, you can get going!

So what do people who happily own this thing think? Here you go!

The Razor Pocket Rocket Minature Electric Motorbike: The perfect gift for motorcyle mad tweens?

If you have a tween aged son, daughter or grandchild who is obsessed with motorbikes, then they’ll be sure to love a Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Bike which has been designed to look just like a full size street motorcycle. I bought my 11 year old son one for his recent birthday and he and his friends have been taking turns racing up and down our cul-de-sac every weekend. One of the bonuses of this model is that it features a variable speed, chain driven motor which means that it doesn’t create a lot of noise.

This battery powered pocket bike is targeted at tweens and teens as it can reach a top speed of approximately 15 MPH and boasts a powerful high torque motor. However, it can also accommodate adults who weigh less than 170 pounds. If you have an 8 or 9 year old who is fairly confident and coordinated, they should also be able to operate one under direct adult supervision.

If you’re worried about your child’s safety, rest assured as the Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Bike boasts a hand operated rear brake and is easy to maneuver due to it’s light weight design (it only weighs 42 pounds) and pneumatic tires. Although I was hesitant at first, I decided to join in on the fun and easily managed to maneuver around a track which we created at the park with a few cones.

One of the only issues we’ve run into is that each charge only lasts about 45 minutes. However, the boys just hook it up to it’s wall charger for a few hours (it only needs 4 to 6 hours to recharge) and sit down to watch a movie or play football for a few hours until it’s charged and ready for action again. So if you’re searching for the perfect gift for a motorcycle mad child or teen look no further!

In my humble opinion this sounds like a kick-ass gift. If you want to send me one I’d glady take it! The best thing is, it’s about half the price of a gas powered one! Take a look here and see the best price, some videos of the bike in action, and of course more glowing reviews.

The Miniature Euro – A Razor Electric Scooter For Kids

razor-electric-scooter-for-kidsI don’t mean to be pumping Razor, it just looks that way. The truth is, the company does deserve the top 3 spots because frankly, they provide so much variety in the market for electric scooters for kids. This little scooter is just AWESOME. It looks absolutely like a real vintage street legal scooter, and it comes in plenty of colors and styles. Pink for the girls, black for the boys, and purple and a vibrant red. Good for as young as 7 or 8 year olds, and can handle 170 pounds with ease. What more could you ask for? As always, here is a brief review of the 24V battery powered Razor scooter:

A few months ago, my little daughter started asking for a battery powered scooter. My wife and I tried our best to convince her to forget about it, but unfortunately our kid is very, very stubborn. Finally, we decided to buy her the Razor Pocket Miniature Euro Scooter after seeing how great and stylish it looked, we also thought its features and benefits sounded very promising. So, we bought the scooter and as soon as our daughter saw it she had already known that it was perfect for her. It immediately became a big source of happiness for our little daughter, although it took her few days to learn how to ride it properly.

Some of the Pros include:

  • Low noise
  • Stylish shape
  • Easy to put together
  • Durable tires
  • Good battery
  • Perfect maximum speed

Some of the downsides are:

  • Some difficulty when pumping the tires
  • It could be too speedy for younger children

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to put the bike together and charge it, which is great for saving your time and energy. The tires are sturdy and strong and you can drive it on small rocks or off-road. One of the best things about this scooter is its incredibly low noise. I can hear my daughter riding it only if I’m very close to the bike, which is great for avoiding any potential disturbance problems with your neighbors. The maximum speed of 15 mph is, in my opinion, ideal for this type of a scooter. Some people may think that additional speed may be required, but I don’t want my child riding anything faster than this.

The battery is easy to recharge and very small in size. It usually lasts for an hour if used continuously. The Pocket Mod bike is designed for ages 12 and up (although our neighbors child of 8 had no problems handling it) and its max weight capacity is around 220 lbs (even though the box says 170), which is more than enough for our twelve-year-old daughter.

I would strongly recommend buying The Pocket Mod as it is probably the best gift we ever purchased so far for our child. She loves riding it in the yard and sometimes we let her ride it in the drive way. Wearing a helmet and other safety items is a must, especially when riding at full speed. Excellent product, simple to use while providing a lot of fun for our child. Highly recommended!

There are hundreds more positive reviews, pictures and more on Amazon, so click the link and check out this awesome little scooter for kids.

Kid Trax Honda 6V CBR1000RR Sport Motorcycle – Ride on Toys For Kids

ride-on-toys-for-toddlersNow we get to the ride on toys for toddlers and little kids. This authentic looking Honda motorcycle is for ages 3 to 5, but as usual your toddler of 2 years can handle it with no problem. It doesn’t fall over (has training wheels 🙂 ). As far as battery operated ride on toys go, this one gets rave reviews. For example:

The Kid Trax Honda 6V CBR1000RR Sport Motorcycle is a bike designed for children aging three years and above. The reason for that is the inseam is 15 inches, so younger kids might not quite fit on the seat! I bought it for my child and it has really served him well. It has a maximum weight limit of 50lbs. The height is designed to ensure great safety of the children.

When I bought it, it took me some minutes to introduce it to the boy and soon he was able to enjoy riding. The bike can reach speeds of 2.5 Mph forward and reverse which provides great safety for the children at the age of three. It has an electronic engine that enables LED lights to light after the child presses the horn. This makes my child feel excited while playing with the bike.

The low contoured seat available on the bike makes this one of the better toddler riding toys as they can sit on it without straining. This is a design that makes the child achieve the riding position easily. The pedal is positioned in a spot where the child is able to reach it with great ease. This made me consider this specific battery operated toy because it is very easy for me to train my child on how to use it.

Pros and cons of this electric motorcycle for kids:

The bike has been designed with great consideration of safety. This is achieved due to the size of the bike and the safe two wheel drive system. The only drawbacks of the bike is that if you have smaller children they may not be able to make use of it, and that it doesn’t drive very well on grass.

If you’re looking for a great battery powered ride on toy for your toddler or small child, you can’t go wrong with the Honda 6V Sport. If you want to read more reviews and get answers to many of your questions, just click the link!

Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Rocker – A Power Wheel Motorcycle

motorcycle-power-wheelsNo list of battery powered ride on toys would be complete without including a Harley Davidson! This great vehicle is perfect for as young as 18 months, all the way up to 4 year olds. A weight capacity of 50 pounds makes it suitable for most children in that age group. This toy rides well on grass too, so you can be confident purchasing it for use in your yard. On to the review:

The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Harley Davidson Rocker is a motorbike that I bought for my child. The bike has strong tires that enable the child have fun riding on different terrains. It is powered by a 6 volt battery that is rechargeable. It is a bike designed for children from the ages of one and half years to four years. Its design enables the children at that age bracket to really enjoy it. It took me only one day to introduce my child and he was able to ride on his own the following day.

The bike can be easily controlled by a button to start and stop it. It has a comfortable foot rest and a single seat for the child to ride. The tread tires allow the child to play with the motorcycle where he can ride on the grass as well as on the hard surfaces. It is designed to reach a maximum speed of 2.5 miles per hour.

The bike helps the child develop motor skills while young as well as making the child develop into an individual with great imagination. It ensures the children achieve great fun during their development where they can combine different skills such as role playing because they can take turns riding the bike. When I bought the toy I was offered the owner’s manual which was very necessary because it explains almost all features of the vehicle and how to make use of features such as on how to recharge the battery.

Pros and cons of the bike:

The bike is designed with great safety where it is made up of three wheels which ensures stability when the child is riding. Since I bought this for my child, there is no accident yet recorded. This is one of the better battery powered ride on toys for my child but I’m worried he is growing too fast and he will not be able to make use of it for too many years because it is intended for children under 4.

All in all, a great toy! You can go here to purchase it for a great price, or read reviews etc. etc. if you still aren’t conviced.

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