Helping You Understand What Is An Epilator And How Does It Work?

Looking for the best epilator reviews before you buy one? While you can find some great deals on these little hair eradicating devices, you still want to make sure you read our Top 5 Best Epilators to make sure you get the best one for your money. Not even sure what they are? Read on!

As a fairly common device, epilators are a method to temporarily remove hair. This electric device is a lot like a pair of tweezers, but instead of only grabbing one hair at a time it grabs multiple hairs at once and then pulls them all out by the roots. However, for those who have sensitive skin, be aware, epilators can be very painful, especially the first time you do it. There are three different types of epilators, as well. There is the tweezer type, spring type, and rotating disc type. Each different technique removes hair slightly differently and is best for a different part of your body.

Tell Me More About The Types Of Epilators

best-epilator-reviewsTo start with there is the tweezer type of epilator. This method has multiple rotating metal discs that clamp together and apart as the rotating head of the epilator rotates, pulling away all of the unwanted hair during the process. Next we have the spring type of epilator. This unit has, instead of rotating metal discs, springs that are coiled together or apart so that when in use the springs capture the hairs and pull them out. This type of epilator does eventually need the springs to be changed, and so the springs can be bought separately. Lastly there is the rotating disc type. This one functions similarly to the spring type of epilator, but instead of using coiled springs, it uses rotating discs. The devices we put in our Top 5 Best list don’t include the spring type.

Some epilators, as mentioned before, are quite similar to a pair of tweezers, but instead of only pulling out one hair at a time it pulls out multiple. Just keep in mind a pair of tweezers would most likely be better for the eyebrow area compared to an epilator. With that said, there are some epilators made specifically for the female moustache that some call ‘peach fuzz’ or a ‘femstache’ and for eyebrow hair. It works much like threading does, except it is an epilator and is called an Epistick.

Also, as mentioned before, epilators are quite similar to waxing. They both pull out multiple hairs by the roots and they both can be quite painful. However, many people prefer to use an epilator for their leg or arm hair because it is not anywhere near as messy as waxing and is not as pricy, but waxing is more preferable for the underarms than using an epilator. People also often compare them to shaving. There are many pros and cons for both, but in the end epilators are more preferable because of the long lasting results rather than extremely temporary ones. Using one of the best epilators, the hairs are gone for a couple of weeks rather than a day as with shaving.

Pros And Cons To Epilation

how epilators workAs everything does, there are both pros and cons to epilating. Firstly, let’s review the cons. Some of the cons would be the fact that some people find that they get more ingrown hairs than usual after use of an epilator. Also, compared to shaving, epilating can take a really long time. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over half an hour just so that you can have that satisfactory smooth skin you want.

Another con  is that until your skin gets used to it, it can be a painful process (you’re pulling hair out!) Keep in mind pain is subjective, and not everyone has the same tolerance.

Furthermore, another con would be the fact that some epilators must be plugged into a wall in order to be used, so the cord can potentially get in the way and you must be near a wall socket in order to use it. However, not all of them have to be plugged in, so that con can easily be disqualified.

Along with cons, there are obviously many pros. One of the best pros to this product would be the fact that you only have to use the epilator every so often because the hairs do not grow back for a couple of weeks to a month. Another pro would be the fact that after many, many uses, the hair that you have been epilating will eventually stop growing all together. This is actually one of the best pros because that means you will not have to constantly find methods to remove hair.

“Beauty is pain” is a common saying, although other than waxing there is not much else in our Top 5 Best Health and Beauty products that cause as much as epilating!

How To Epilate

There are some steps to take for effective epilating:

Step one: Make sure that the hair you are going to epilate is not too long because if the hair is too long it will lead to irritation, discomfort, and more pain than normal. Epilators can remove hair from the length of 0.5 mm, so there really is no point in growing the hair out in the first place.

Step two: Make sure that your skin is clean before use. Take a shower or bath and scrub the spot that you are looking to epilate well. However, ensure that the skin and hair is not wet nor damp when epilating. It must be dry.

Step three: Start epilating, but make sure you are using the right technique while doing so. If you randomly brush the device all over your body then chances are that all of that unwanted hair will not be gone. Here are some common techniques used when epilating.

  • To ensure that you do not miss any patches of hair try to epilate in straight, vertical lines.
  • To make it easier for the unit to remove all of the hairs smooth out your skin that is currently being epilated by stretching it out and pulling on it. You definitely want to remember this technique for if you are doing your underarms.
  • It is common to rub some baby powder on the area first. It causes the hair to stand up a bit more, and helps the epilator to glide over your skin. One downfall to this is the possibility of plugging the device.
  • Lastly, so that you definitely pull the hair out by the root and do not miss any patches, work slowly. Epilating is a long process, and if you want the best results you must be patient and take your time.

Step four: Make sure that you exfoliate your skin immediately after finishing to help prevent and treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and redness. Even the best epilator can cause these minor dicomforts!

Step five: When you have finished all of the above steps make sure to immediately clean the device. If you do not clean it right after use it will not work efficiently the next time and can cause some infections which you definitely do not want. If you do not know how to clean your epilator, read the instruction manual. In our epilator reviews we discuss each units ease of cleaning. To give you an idea, here is how it more or less is done.

  • Detach epilator head
  • Wash detached parts under running water
  • Apply antibacterial solution to detached parts to prevent infections (Optional.)
  • Reattach epilator head
  • Make sure not to get the body of the device wet!

In Conclusion

final-thoughtsOverall, epilating is a very reliable, fairly common method to remove hair, and if you want long lasting results of not having hair than you should definitely consider purchasing one. The price range depends on which brand and kind of device you choose to buy. Some can be as little as thirty dollars while others can be in the hundreds. You do not have to replace the device often though, so that makes it worth the pain and worth the price.


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