8 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep – An Infographic



The importance of sleep goes way beyond just banishing your under-eye circles or boosting your mood.

Adequate sleep on a quality bed like the top rated roll away guest beds reviewed here is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and can go a long way in benefiting your heart, mind, weight, and more.

Initially sleep used to be kind of ignored, (like parking your car in a garage and picking it up the following morning) but the case is totally different these days.

The following are some important health benefits of a good nights sleep that have been put forward by researchers from all corners of the globe:

Makes You Feel Better

At one time or another, we have all woken up to a take on our daily chores/tasks after a good night sleep.

Researchers have indeed come to a conclusion that quality sleep can make you feel better and re-energized throughout the day. Sleep gives your immune system a great boost, especially if you are fighting off a mild or serious infection.

Moreover, one is able to concentrate even better after a night of good sleep. You will therefore notice that you are able to perform tasks better when you’ve had quality sleep and thereby produce better and perhaps even amazing results.

Better Health

One of the most ideal ways of living a healthy life is making sure that you are getting quality sleep at all times.

Studies show that sleep-deprived persons are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic disorders and diseases such as obesity, depression, hypertension and reduced productivity.

And although other factors may force you to stay awake, including obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia, it’s important that you are able to deal with them in the best and quickest way possible in order to enjoy quality sleep and live a healthy life.

Helps with Weight Control

Controlling your weight can be as easy as having a good night’s sleep. If you lack quality sleep for long period of time, you can end up putting on weight by because your body is experiencing a drastic metabolism down slow.

This is according to a credible study by leading scientists in the US and Sweden.

The scientists suggested getting plenty of quality night sleep in order to deal with weight gain.

Makes you Attractive

Getting plenty of quality sleep can actually make you look more attractive and healthier, based on a 2013 research carried by medical researchers in the UK.

The researchers photographed 25 people after a normal night’s slumber of 8 hours and after a period of eye-shut deprivation. The photos were then shown to 70 individuals who rated each of them based on tiredness, health and attractiveness.

The slumber deprived group received a lower score in all three categories!

Lower Risk of Injury

We have all heard about the need for quality sleep to help improve our sporting performance and concentration at work, but does it sleep really aid in preventing sporting injuries? It’s a fact that injuries are mainly caused by fatigue. And, this is why most injuries end up happening towards the end of competitions and matches.

Lack of enough sleep decreases the body’s metabolic rate and glucose metabolism lowers by a shocking 20-30%!

Slower metabolism brings about early onset fatigue and reduced energy production.

It’s therefore important to get plenty of quality sleep in order to lower the risk of injury.

Increased Productivity

You will become more and more productive if are getting plenty of good night sleep (7-8 hours) everyday.

People are more productive when they arrive to their work stations rested and relaxed.

Get yourself adequate time to sleep everyday as this is vital in as far as reducing stress is concerned.

If you are able to remain stress-free, then you will be at a better position of performing better in the office or wherever else you will be at.

Reduces Chance of Getting Diabetes

Like previously mentioned, sleep plays an important role in the fight against chronic diseases and disorders.

Diabetes is definitely one of the main health problems that have become a hard nut to crack. Indeed, it has cost the lives of many people, especially those in the 30-50-year age bracket.

Sleep deprivation can bring about glucose impairment and thus triggering diabetes. So, to remain on the safe side, always ensure that you are getting enough hours of sleep every day.

Helps your Brain Functions

We have all heard of sleeping on a problem, with hopes that come morning, a solution will have been found.

Well, research has shown that when you are having a problem, your brain still looks for a solution even when you are deep asleep. Even if you do not wake up with a clear answer, a good night’s sleep will enable your brain to tackle the problem afresh.

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